Our Story

Where it all began
The Spice Route to Canada

Bring Your Family, Meet Your Friends. We Have Something For Everyone!

We originally started as a father and son catering company called H&H Sachet and we catered both private and corporate events all over Toronto. Five years later, we decided that we wanted to bring our culinary expertise of both old school and modern techniques to the city and that’s when Tdots Naansense Food Truck was introduced in 2014, serving delicious Indian fusion food. Tdots Naansense has allowed us to present Indian spices in a unique way from Chilli Lime Crab Cakes to Fried Butter Chicken MAC n’ Cheese. However, there is more to H&H Sachet than Indian fusion.

Inspired by our culinary experience and influenced by exotic spices, 6Spice Rack was created with a vision to become a Food Truck that connects the diverse cultures of Toronto through delicious fusion food from our popular ‘KFC’ to the Mexican influenced 'Something To Taco-bout'.

A hearty meal, made with love and care